How secure is your payment information with 3rd parties?

How secure is your payment information with 3rd parties?

Recently I got an email reminder to extend my premium account with Spotify, this was in fact updating my payment data also. First, I received an email to tell me to update this, for me this immediately raised the question was this “fishing”? However, by looking at it, it was not and could login through a link to update my payment data. By clicking on a link, it got me to my payment information;


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China the growing E-Commerce engine

China the growing E-Commerce engine

In 2016, China will surpass the US to become the world’s largest retail e-commerce market, with sales expected to top $899.09 billion this year, representing almost half (47.0%) of digital retail sales worldwide.

China’s population is more than 1.3 billion, with a middle class of 200 million strong and growing. There are 688 million internet users and 413 million online shoppers. China’s e-retail market is estimated to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2020 and the share of online sales is set to increase to over 15% by 2017. As China’s growth continues, the conditions for the e-commerce are only improving.


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e-Commerce & Secure Payment services

e-Commerce & Secure Payment services

An every day event operating an e-commerce online store is dealing with security around your payment process. It is  a given that fraudsters will try to buy something on your online store without a authorized payment coming your way or resulting afterwards in a chargeback. Therefore it is key to have such a streamlined payment gateway that will allow you to minimize the risk around potential fraud. Also PCI is a given that you will need to comply with or taken measurements around your IT security. So take in to account 8 Security Tips for Small Businesses Accepting Online Payments in 2017 an article from entrepreneur written by John Rampton, which is very valid information to take into account in running an e-commerce online store.

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The hidden value in your customer journey

A very good article published on LinkedIn via Roland van Roon where he is high lighting very interesting elements that is pinpointing the customer journey aspect and how this is changing versus how it was the traditional way. Basically in customer service it now changing towards customer engagement, basically through all various contact points. Whereby you can see that phone contacts are declining social media is increasing, online chat and or e-mail.

50% of all customer interactions happen during multi-event, multi-channel, cross-time journeys

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