IOT how does it change the digital world?

IOT how does it change the digital world?

The big buzz word these days is IOT or better said Internet of things and a lot of noise is made in the digital world, but how does it really affect us?

Of course Amazon is one of the key players that does bring something to the table here with the AWS IoT button. How does it works, it is available to you to configure anyway you want it and is WiFi enabled and you can configure it to send you a notification through Amazon SNS or store the clicks in an Amazon DynamoDB table. You can even code custom logic written in Node.js, Python, or Java in an AWS Lambda function, and then configure the function to connect to third-party services or other AWS IoT-powered connected things.


Of course Amazon is enabling this with many verticals like household & office, food & beverages, health & personal care, beauty, pet food and kids & baby. So brands like Dolce Gusto, Ariel, Kleenex, Olay, Wiskas and Huggies are benefiting of the fact that a re-ordering process can be enabled by a simple push on the Dash Button, with placing and order manually through on-line or mobile device.

If you than look into IOT and the building industry like making your home smarter or a smart home, whereby it goes that far to get to a level of zero use of any energy, being gas or electric. The software for smart homes is connected with the hardware devices delivering your energy and configured in such a way that from an distance you can enable your smart home.

Smart Home connected Internet of Things

Of course in the digital world a lot is happening in this area, but we should ask ourselves the questions, how will it affect us long term? How will it affect of us as we share data, so is data privacy affected by this? So in my view still a long way to go, however not something we can ignore!