Virtual Reality Commerce the game changer in E-Commerce and the way we shop?

Virtual Reality Commerce the game changer in E-Commerce and the way we shop?

In today’s commerce world, we are used to click and buy behavior in a very competitive market, with quality customer experience. Also, retail and brand stores is still a part of our shopping arena, however what we have seen over time is that retail did not adapt or embrace E-Commerce quick enough. Since Virtual Reality Commerce is there, how will the brands and retail respond to this? If they don’t respond now they will miss the opportunity again the way it happened when E-Commerce was introduced.

Now who is currently the front runner in V-Commerce? Of course, Alibaba has done their first steps in this direction introduced on TaoBoa and TMall, their B2C channel, they have created this through mobile (see video) with shopping at Macy’s. Basically Buy+ shopping platform. Buy+ allows customers to browse not just a department store, but it has recreated part of New York City around it –  customers can even get a cab from Times Square to a version of Macy’s.

Also, how will it affect us in doing our grocery shopping? How will the grocery stores adapt to this? Below is a nice sample how we will do our grocery shopping in the future, in this video example we are shopping with an HTC Vive, HTC’s virtual reality product. It is very nice to see how we can select our food and other products we need, when doing our grocery shopping. This example is taking in to account the loyalty program you are linked and is providing your recipe product to make your apple pie!

It will affect the way we look around us or do our city tours through the world with Virtual Reality we can experience all the famous thing in Paris, so the travel branch to an extend will be impacted or is servicing Virtual Reality tours.


The thing is how Alibaba is dealing with this or basically are ahead of the game. Alibaba is of course driving one singly E-Commerce platform which makes things far more easier, but this will have a huge effect on the enterprise platforms operated in the US, Asia or Europe. How will Hybris, Magento, IBM Websphere, Intershop and others respond to this? The vision should be that Globally we move to one single platform that will drive all of it, it will make things far easier and cost effective for the brands and retail.