Ikea is making moves in the digital landscape

Most recent news that is bringing Ikea new digital approaches according to the information from econsultancy in their SEO approach they renames products for new SEO-focused Retail Therapy campaign, which is a very interesting approach as you will find for yourselves the product you need to solve your potential problem.

For instance:

  • A daybed bearing the name, My Partner Snores.
  • A frying pan called How to Stay Married.
  • A dishwasher that has been named My Girlfriend Won’t Do the Dishes.
  • Champange flutes sold as When Children Leave Home.

Next to that reported by econsultancy that Ikea in their design trends for 2017 are choosing for less menu options.

Ikea’s ‘old’ website

ikea old website

Ikea’s 2016 redesign

ikea website


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